Helium Tank Rentals
Balloon count
Rental Price (+tax)
30 $35
50 $59
90 $100
150 $125
250 $170
350+ $245
550 $295

All tanks are for 2-3 days rental and include a balloon filling valve/nozzle. Should the items be late, the customer will be required to pay a $5/day late charge thereafter. In case of unused tank/helium, no refund will be issued. A $150 rental deposit (refundable) is required for any size tank. Nozzle is not included in the yearly rental, Customer needs to purchase the nozzle. Due to Helium shortage Helium Prices are not guaranteed, it can change as per the availability of Helium.

Long Term Rentals are as follows:
Weekly Rental charge (per tank) - $15/week
Monthly Rental charge (per tank) - $20/month
Yearly Lease charge (per tank) - $130/year
Nozzle Rental $8.00 week, $15.00 per month.

Helium Tanks Rental